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About our System:

Computer System

In March 1995 we made major commitment to upgrade our automated recovery system enabling us to efficiently handle large volumes of information and in 2005 we added automated dialer systems to further enhance our ablility to contact more people more efficiently. Ontario Systems Corporation is the undisputed leader in the collection agency application software business and through them we have continued to keep pace with the ever changing world of technology. Our relationship with Ontario Systems allows us to provide you with standard or custom designed statistical reports of our success rates on your accounts. You just tell us what information you would like on a report and we will provide it to you. Some of our customers prefer detailed lists of accounts and their status while others prefer detailed summary reports of assignments and commissions charged. We also calculate interest on every account every day, at whatever rate you choose. Our system also has all the security you would expect in order to prevent unauthorized access to your account information.

We have now been in operation over 30 years.

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