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Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. at a Glance

Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. is the leading provider of collection agencies services in the Central Ontario, Canada area. The company was formed in 1983 when Dan Herbert purchased the collection divisions of the Credit Bureau of Barrie Ltd. and the Credit Bureau of Simcoe County (Orillia) Ltd. We are licensed and bonded under the Collection Agencies Act of Ontario.

In the late 80's the company acquired three more collection agencies. Namely, the Credit Bureau of Midland, Credit Bureau of Lindsay, and the Credit Bureau of Peterborough, and operations were consolidated into one office in 1997.

All collections take place at the company's head office, located at 125 Bayfield Street in Barrie, just north of Toronto.The company now serves more than 2000 companies in the Central Ontario, Canada region, including Barrie, Bracebridge, Collingwood, Brampton, Cambridge, Guelph, Midland, Orillia, Peterborough, Lindsay, Haliburton, Bancroft, North Hastings, Muskoka, and Parry Sound... collecting accounts anywhere in North America. We are members of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, the Orillia Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce. We strive to only represent reputable creditors who can produce properly documented backup to support their claims. We do not have the time, nor the interest in pursuing unsupported claims.

Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. offers professional collection agency services and systems that help customers recover slow and delinquent accounts receivable. Our innovative dunning letter services combined with an experienced management and back end recovery team effectively benefits the economy, business and consumers.

The roots of our company lie in the information services market and accordingly, we understand the need to respect individual privacy. The information we collect to assist us in recovering delinquent accounts is used only for that purpose. Be wary of collection agencies who have no published policy on Privacy issues.

Building upon inherent synergies, Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. is migrating technology and expertise geographically; serving new industries and penetrating existing markets; and adding value to collection products and services. These three strategic initiatives merge to become a single vision for future growth.

Results... Results... Results

Our collection department consists of only the most committed collectors in the business. We know the value of collecting accounts for our customers. Quite simply if we do not perform, we know that you will take your accounts elsewhere. We do not get paid for letting accounts go by uncollected. We only get paid when we collect. This minimizes your risk of further cost in the collection process. We know that our profits are not derived just from delinquent account holders, they are earned from doing a job for our customer, and that is you, the creditor. Each agent in our collection department is expected to reach daily and monthly targets that are set by management following a monthly review with each collector. Excellence is expected and rewarded. We work very hard to achieve our goals without treating your customers badly. There is a fine line between being firm and being insensitive. We treat your customers the way you would want them treated. We know that you do not have time for complaints from irate customers about how they were treated by your collection agent. Our motto is "We Collect Accounts." and we do so with professionalism every day.

Long Term Experience

Credit Bureau Collections has been collecting delinquent accounts in the Central Ontario Region for over 25 years and has developed a reputation of getting the job done. Many other collection schemes have come and gone. Many collection agencies in Metropolitan marketplaces have developed a revolving door method of training as collectors come in, get trained and move on to more challenging careers. Professional collection techniques are only acquired through proper training and many years of practical experience. We are proud of our long term professional collection team. You can be assured that your accounts are not being handled by inexperienced collection agents.

Collection Matters

To view our January, 2004 Newsletter which deals with recent changes in legislation, along with suggestions about how to make the most of your collection effort, please click here.

Our November 2005 Newsletter is a recap of the past 25 years in business and a thankyou to local and regional collection clients who have supported our quest to be the best. Please click here.

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