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Privacy Issues

Privacy Legislation

In January 2000, the Wall Street Journal published a survey that showed privacy as the number one concern for North Americans for the 21 st century. More recently, Forrester Research completed a study of privacy issues for business. They stated that, "Anyone today who thinks the privacy issue has peaked is greatly mistaken... we are in the early stages of a sweeping change in attitudes that will fuel political battles and put once-routine business practices under the microscope."

At the same time, advances in information technology and the Internet have changed the way that companies do business. Over the past decade, we have seen unparalleled growth in the ability of organizations to collect, compile, analyze, and disseminate personal information, not to mention the unprecedented volume of personal information that organizations routinely collect.

As the Wall Street Journal and others attest, consumers expect their personal information to be protected and their privacy to be respected by the organizations they do business with. Breaching consumer expectations or breaking their trust lands organizations on the wrong side of the privacy issue.

Today, leading businesses recognize that privacy concerns threaten the bottom line. Accordingly, addressing privacy concerns effectively is beginning to be seen as a winning strategy for both business and consumers.

Effective January 1, 2004, The Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act included all businesses and organizations. In a nutshell, your organization is required to obtain your customer's consent before you can collect and use personal information such as dates of birth, SIN's and other information. The only type of information that is not considered "Personal Information" is your customer's name, address and phone number. To see more information about this important Federal Act, please visit the Privacy Commissioner's website.

If you would like to download and read a Workbook on Privacy and what you must do to change the way you have traditionally collected and used information on the consumers you serve, please download this Privacy Diagnostic Tool.

Also the following document explains how new privacy laws impact you if you are a director in a corporation: Privacy and Boards of Directors.

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